You’ll Think Twice About Hitting Your DEATH VAPE After This Latest Story Involving Yet Another Exploding E-Cig



For the longest time, vaping enthusiasts touted the safety of e-cigs. A safer alternative to cigarettes, they prosthelytized. The healthy way to get your nicotine fix, they preached. Vaping won’t kill you, the way cigarettes do, they said.

Well, they were right about that. Cigarettes kill you slowly, over periods of decades. Vape pens though? Not so much. Call me old-fashioned, but I much prefer not to be instantly incinerated with a blast equivalent to a U.S. drone strike at any given moment of my life.

Because vape pens, man, they explode in your face.

We already covered this a few times before, but because we are concerned about you Bros, we will continue to report on the EXPLODING VAPE MENANCE.

This week, another vape pen exploded in another Bro’s face, leaving his face fucked up real good.

The latest went down in Paso Robles, California.

According to friends and family who were with McClelland during the incident, it began when he and his friends left his house on Cottonwood to go to the store.. Just as they were turning on to Cedarwood, McClelland was using his e-cig as usual when it suddenly exploded inside the car, causing an impact which cracked the windows of the car he was in.

“It’s just a shocking experience,” said friend Jesus Matias, who was with McClelland at the time of the explosion, “You never expect it to happen to someone you’re so close to. We were just sitting in my girlfriend’s sister’s car, listening to music, laughing and joking around like always and we just heard a sound like a gun shot. I look up and I see flames, we all got out of the car and my ears were ringing, then I realized Daniel was hurt.”

It sounds like the vape fucked him up real good, and not in the I got a great buzz way.

The explosion caused McClelland to lose many of his bottom teeth and blew a small hole through his tongue, according to the family. In addition, his tongue was severely swollen and he was put on intubation to help with breathing.

Damn. That’s a heck of a tug on the vape.

That said, if you need a vape pen that (probably!) won’t explode in your face, check this bad boy out.

[H/T Death and Taxes]