Don’t Go In The Water, There’s Yet Another Rare Fish That Looks Like It Came From The Depths Of Hell

We’ve seen so many fishes now that look like they were created in our nightmares only to have suddenly entered our real lives it’s a wonder we still visit the ocean, or any body of water for that matter.

From a monster with the body of a dragon and the teeth of a crocodile to a mutant alien fish with human features the sea is just so filled with NOPE.

Now we can add one other “thing,” I guess it’s a fish, to the list. At least that’s what they’re calling it, but it looks like something that dropped out of a pod from an alien spaceship to me.

Here’s what happened when Newfoundland Scott Tanner saw this thing come on board his boat…

“All the production stopped and everything so everybody could check it out,” he said.

“Even the older guys that are 50, 60 years old, they’ve seen maybe one in their lifetime so they thought it was pretty neat and I snapped a couple pictures.”

It wasn’t until Tanner got back home to Nova Scotia that he looked up what species the fish might be. He believes it is a longnose chimaera, a deepwater species rarely caught. ​

“There’s lots of other weird stuff that comes out [of the ocean] but that one definitely stood out … I don’t imagine many people have seen one,” Tanner told CBC News.

Tanner guesses that this “thing” is a rare long-nosed chimaera, also known by some as a “spookfish” or “ghost shark.”

I’m going with “spook fish.” Seems about right.

As Tanner said when asked about going back out on the water, “You never know what you might find now.”

No shit.

Yeah, I’ll just be staying on land for the rest of my damn life, thank you very much.

More creepyass pics can be seen over at CBC News.

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