Everyone Is Freaking The F Out Over This Mutant Alien Fish With A Human Nose And Feet

The tiny Caribbean island of Grenada is located deep within the Lesser Antilles, one of the most beautiful island chains in the world. It’s home to some of the most exquisite rum found anywhere in the Caribbean, it has a population of around 110,000 citizens, and for the past few days it’s been making headlines after a completely fucking terrifying mutant alien fish with the nose of a human and tiny little feet was found and nobody anywhere knows what this fish is or might be.

Before we get to the mutant-as-fuck pictures of the fish down below here’s what the DailyMail has to say about the fisherman who caught this fish and how he described it to local authorities:

One islander said ‘Everyone crowded round to look – nobody had ever seen anything like it.
‘Quite a few people were pretty scared and thought it looked like something out of a sci-fi horror film.’
Veteran fisherman Hope McLawrence, 74, who found himself staring into the eyes of the ‘alien’ creature when he hauled in his nets, admitted he was astounded and baffled.
The foot-long beast had two feet with toes, no fin, a long bone on its back and ‘a perfect human nose immediately above its mouth’ according to Mr McLawrence.

Sounds pretty damn creepy, right? Well, feast your eyes on the mutant alien fish from Grenada that’s making headlines worldwide:


I actually have no good guesses as to what it might be other than a severely deformed Lizardfish. As some of you bros might know I’m a bit fish obsessed (remember when I ranked the 25 Best Tasting Fish in the World?), so normally I’d be all about tossing my guesses into the mix as to what this might be. I’m just as stumped as everyone else is though. You bros got any guesses as to what the mutant alien fish from Grenada might be? Answers down below in the comments!

[h/t DailyMail]

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