Anthony Bourdain Awesomely Shut Down A Vegan Protester Who Accused Him Of Eating Dog Meat

Anthony Bourdain isn’t afraid to try new things.  But one of the foods he’s never tried is dog, which is consumed by poorer populations in many countries around the world.

At a speaking gig in San Francisco, the globe-trotting food personality was heckled by an adamant protester accusing him of eating man’s best friend. As she continued her tirade, Bourdain went full Bourdain:

“I like dogs. But how much worse can they be than, like, kale?” Bourdain asked. “20 more seconds of this I’m going out and shooting a puppy in the fucking head.”

Security intervened and Bourdain continued his talking gig. And, for the record, Bourdain isn’t a dog-eating type of guy. So there was no need to get your panties in a bunch in the first place, lady.

[H/T: Eater]

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