An Architect Wants To Build An Underwater Tennis Court In Dubai And It Looks AMAZING

A Polish architect named Krysztof Kotala has recently released designs for an ambitious project to bring an underwater tennis facility just offshore in the Persian Gulf, between the Burj al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah islands. His design firm, 8+8 Concept Studio, is just in the conceptual stages of the project and if approved, they will face complex engineering challenges at enormous costs. Architectural blog, Archpaper, predicted the project would require a sheet of glass 108 feet wide, and manufacturing curved glass with those dimensions is unheard of.

But Dubai is no stranger to pushing the architectural limits in lavish ways. It is the home of the world’s tallest tennis court on top of the Burj al Arab skyscraper, but building that same court under the weight of an ocean is a whole different animal.

Can we all agree that we’re on board with this project after peeping this amazing photos that combines nature and sport? I have $8 to contribute.


[H/T Quartz]

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