Armpit Tattoos Are The Hot New Ink Trend But Are You Brave (Or Stupid) Enough To Get One?

by 11 months ago

The Daily Mail is reporting that the hot new ink trend is armpit tattoos. Which prompted countless, “Yeah, but does it hurt?” Of course it hurts it’s your armpit. The skin is sensitive and there are lymph nodes underneath the armpit. Rebel Circus ranks armpit tattoos as the third most painful after getting your genitals inked and having oscillating needles inject ink into your eyeballs or eyelids (H/T Cass). Despite the obvious deterrent of teeth-gritting pain, a great deal of people are getting armpit tattoos.

There are over 7,100 photos on Instagram with the hashtag #ArmpitTattoo. The tattoos range from flowers to dogs to spider webs to monsters to skulls to chainmail elaborate designs to egrets. This is what happens when you run out of real estate after getting a sleeve.


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