‘Arterial Tapping’ Is A New Sex Craze That Lets You Control How Much Blood Your Partner Gets While You Screw Them



Hi… Bros. I’m sorry to be the one to bring you the news of this, but you know, someone’s gotta tell you about all the shit the closet freaks of the world are doing, because if you aren’t informed, well, ignorance isn’t chill.

So, let’s talk about sticking some needles into one of your partner’s artery and controlling the amount of blood they get while fucking you because what. the fuck. is sexier. than exsanguination? It even has ‘sex’ right there in the name if you switch some letters around. Sexanguination. I just coined that phrase, copyright David Covucci, 2015. Don’t steal it if you are thinking about starting your own sex blood club.

A club is exactly where this craze apparently originated, according to NBC News.

A fetish party attendee is blowing the whistle on a bondage-themed event she says would shock even the authors of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Photos from inside the edgy, recurring party called Cirque de Plaisir seem to show a fetish practice called “arterial tapping,” whereby a dominant partner taps a submissive partner’s artery, controlling his or her blood flow. It appears that very blood is sometimes sprayed over a canvas as art.

Well, what else would you do with blood? Allow it to save lives via transfusion. Waste.

Where did these alleged photos come from? Well, how about this club’s very graphic and very public Facebook presence, which I will not link to (HERE’S THE LINK HERE’S THE LINK HERE’S THE LINK https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008220274235&sk=photos), because it involves innumerable strap-on dildos and tits in bondage and guys holding knives to people’s skin.

Hey, whatever floats your boa–no, actually this is not okay. Especially because it appears that a doctor is condoning the sexy, bloody behavior.

[The unnamed attendee] criticized the bizarre bloodletting demonstrations in part because she says one of the party organizers, known in the S&M community as “Santos,” is actually Dr. Edwin Perez, a licensed physician.

“I think there’s definitely more of a shocking aspect that [he is] a doctor who took a Hippocratic oath to help and heal,” she said. “It just seems so contrary to his profession.”

Anyway, if you wanna get some blood drained and fuck, their next event is this Saturday in Manhattan (location not yet disclosed). What can we expect that night?

The circus is known as a place where magic can be found in every corner if the reveler is ready to embrace the subtlety found in what is sometimes perceived to be ordinary things. At the circus, the imagination can run free enhanced by sights and sounds that stir the deepest parts of our beings. This is the catalyst of change. Occasionally, a trance-formation occurs, a molecular shift in consciousness. This is Alchemy. Once alchemy has taken place, there is no going back to what was, only a steady march forward to what will be.

Details and performance line up listed below – but ultimately it it will be participants who will determine what shape the night takes. And yes… there will be blood! 😉

CIRQUE DE PLAISIR welcomes all folks in the alternative lifestyle: Kinky, BDSM, Goth, Punk, Raver, Burner, Swinger, Kinkster, Fetishist & Hedonist.

Upscale Private Loft in Manhattan – near Penn Station.
Address to be released one week before event

Dress Code:
Fetish, Burner Creative, Costumes, Sexy, Lingerie, Leather, Latex, Rubber, PVC, Corsetry, Goth, All Black, Formal & Semi Formal.

Cost: $50 at the door.

Drinks: BYOB-Served by our Lovely Bartenders (limited mixers will be available)

• Xris SMack!
• Ginplo

Performances and Demos by:
• Master Vito – Erotic Sword Play
• Santos – Fire Caning
• Sir Josh – Intricate Cupping
• Sapphire – Rope Bondage

I would not trust any of the mixers that the blood letting S&M orgy club provides but that is just me and you do you.

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