Absurd Tow Company Bills Dude $48,000 For Towing His Shitty $4000 Jeep From A Boston Mud Pit

There’s not many people on the face of the earth worse than tow truck drivers. They probably fall a close third behind ISIS and those people that pretend to be homeless on the streets, begging for money, then hop in a brand new car at the end of the day. The only people who don’t hate tow truck drivers are tow truck drivers. That is a fact.

I understand they have might have a “family to support,” blah blah blah, but let’s face the facts: tow truck drivers do their jobs in the scummiest way possible because it’s impossible not to. Making up rules as they go along, hassling people to the point where murder actually enters their minds, playing stupid just to prolong the process of giving you back your rightful possession from a shitty impound lot in the shittiest part of the city. Essentially, towing companies are flat-out criminals who operate under the watchful guise of politicians and authorities that collude to siphon boat loads of hard-earned money from innocent citizens because they have the machinery and protection to do so. Towing companies represent the most bullshit industry in America and I hate each and every last one of them.

That’s why I can’t imagine what the fuck went through this poor Boston man’s head when when Assured Collision handed him a $48,000 (!!!) bill for removing his Jeep Cherokee after it became stuck in a local mud pit when he was out “mudding” with his girlfriend last week. Even worse, from my estimate, the vehicle in question (an early 2000s model) only commands a Kelly Blue Book value of around $4,000. WHAT THE FUCK, ASSURED COLLISION!?

MyFoxBoston broke the absurd story:

Please explain to me how it took 12 hours to pull this Jeep Cherokee from the mud, because it didn’t. There’s no way. I hope to God the Statewide Towing Association declares this a major case of fraud, because that’s exactly what it is (just like 90% of other instances of towing)! If a tow truck “supervisor” pulling in $1250 an hour isn’t laughable, I don’t know what is, because he sure isn’t performing surgery of any kind! Then Assured Collision’s balls to tack on another $5,000 because there was poison ivy present in the area!? Wear long sleeves, assholes!

Man, I wish tow truck companies got what was coming to them more often. Suck it, Assured Collision.

[via MyFoxBoston]