The ‘Attractive Convict’ Meme Girl Comes Forward

by 5 years ago

Well, the Attractive Convict's real name has been revealed. She's a 27-year-old mother of four named Meagan McCullough, who is perplexed to see that the three-year-old photo is getting this amount of attention. According to an interview with the Daily Mail

Meagan, who is now formally separated from her husband and goes by her maiden name Simmons, has been left baffled by the sudden interest and bemused by the obsession with a picture she thinks 'is terrible'.

'I was out drinking in Tampa with a girlfriend at the time,' she told Mail Online.  'We were riding together and I wasn't planning to drive at all that night.

'It was a really fun night but she saw her boyfriend and said she wanted to go with him. So I decided to drive home which was a terrible idea.'

'I had just been crying when the photo was taken and I was drunk. I knew I'd caused a lot of trouble and my parents were really upset and I was really upset. I wasn't thinking about how I looked at all.'

'I don't think it's that good a picture – there are other ones I would prefer. '


We have to disagree—as you can see from some newer shots of McCullough, she's undeniably hot, but nothing is ever going to hold a candle to that original mugshot.


[H/T: Guyism]


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