Awful Australian Girl Snapchats Herself Going Completely Nuts On A Taxi Driver, Might Be The Next ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl


Move over Cash Me Outside girl. There’s a new Awful Person trying to steal your throne for being The. Worst. to your fellow human beings.  This Australian girl went completely nuts on a cab driver, ridiculing the hell out of him and screaming her head off like a total brat. Even worse is that she’s doing it for her followers on Snapchat like it’s a damn performance.

Here’s the money quote:

It’s Kameruka, who can’t spell “kameruka?” K-A-M-E-R-U-K-A

It’s cool, taxi Bro — I would have messed up the spelling of that Kameruka too. Poor guy. No one deserves to be harassed like this, ever.

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