The Bus Didn’t Stop At This Guy’s Bar So He Put Up His Own Bus Stop Sign Up And Now It Does

bar owner bus stop


Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity. Take for example the case of John Hawkridge. You see, John Hawkridge owns a pub in England and his pub is not on the list of stops for the bus that passes his business. So rather than just sit there and whine about it, he just went and put up his OWN bus stop sign and BOOM now the bus stops there.

According to the East Grinstead Courier

The Upper Hartfield publican found the discarded bus stop sign in a hedge four miles away in Cowden, and moved it to his establishment and placed a pub flier in the slot normally reserved for a timetable.

“We have good food, good drink – and now a good bus stop,” said Mr Hawkridge, 70.

“I found the sign outside the Queen’s Arms in Cowden – it had been taken down because the stop was thought dangerous – so it had been stuck in a hedge for a year.

I just moved it and put it outside (the pub).

“We bought the Gallipot about two years ago and I just thought it would be good to have a bus stop by the pub. I put it there, I put in my own sign, and a couple of customers started queuing up… and buses started stopping.”

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and Mr. Hawkridge sees people from the bus company replacing his fliers with an official timetable making his bus stop legit.

That’s the kind of thinking we need more of, people. In fact, I’m going to put bus stop signs up at my house and my favorite watering hole. I totally bet it works out for me as well.

H/T Death and Taxes; Bus stop sign image by Shutterstock