Barack Obama’s ‘Potential’ Job After The White House Would Be Every Bro’s Dream



President Barack Obama’s reign inside the White House ends in about six months, so it’s natural for him to start thinking about what might come next—you know, since running the U.S. of A will no longer be his top priority.

According to the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, Barry could be considering a career in the NBA—as an owner!

Per Washington Post:

The proclamation came with a lot of caveats: “potentially, if the opportunity arose, under the right circumstances.” Earnest, though, was clear on one point: The president has “discussed” being part of an NBA franchise ownership group.

While Earnest’s words could just be complete bullshit, Obama, himself, said a similar thing to Bill Simmons during an interview in November, 2015, telling Simmons this, per GQ:

Would you ever want to be part of the ownership for an NBA team?

Would it have to be the Bulls, or would it have to be somebody else?
Well, you know, I know [Jerry] Reinsdorf pretty good—he’s not giving that thing up anytime soon. But I have fantasized about being able to put together a team and how much fun that would be. I think it’d be terrific.

Obama, who’s from Chicago and mentioned Bulls’ owner Jerry Reinsdorf, might have a dream to one day run that franchise, but he’s also said he plans on staying in D.C. for a couple years so that his youngest daughter can finish high school.

From the Commander in Chief to an NBA owner? Talk about a complete 180 in terms of stress on the job.

[H/T The Washington Post]

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