Bartenders Shared The Smoothest Moves/Pickup Lines They’ve Ever Seen Work And These Are Worth Trying

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I’ve said this many times here on BroBible when blogging about this sort of stuff: when you’re a bartender you see things sober people can’t even begin to imagine. Drunk people grossly overestimate how much they remember and take notice of at the bar, a good bartender on the other hand sees and remembers everything. Below, a bunch of bartenders (and other similar types) shared the best moves they’ve ever seen work at the bar, the pickup lines and moves that wowed the other sex (via AskReddit):

I’m late to the party, but as I was bartending I heard one guy say “I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t ask for your number”, and the girl said “sure. Want it now or tomorrow morning?”
He looked at me bewildered. I nodded him on. Smoove move girl.

I work a pretty nice, tropical mixology bar. One night we had “casual night” so to speak. So instead of my usual button-up shirt I wore sleeveless tank that said “sleeping with the bartender won’t get you free drinks, but it’s worth a shot. ” saw it online and I printed 3 (one for me, two for my fellow bartenders). I did it cus i thought i’d be funny. Well, shit, it worked. Not only did we get a stupidly high amount of tips (like 200 bucks each) but we all went home with a girl that night.

This stuck with me through the years. I worked at a restaurant / bar that went bat shit crazy in fri and sat night. Sunday was industry night and local bar staff would come hang out, play pool, and enjoy half price drinks. Girls shows up that I’d seen before but couldn’t place, she was kind and engaging, but I think she was giving signs. Midway through the night she asked about playing pool, we’d open the table for staff night, the process required you to crouch down and unlock a side panel to access the balls. While kneeling she walked past me from behind and casually ran one finger from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. I was surprised, but there’s no missing that sign. When I stood up and met her eyes the whole context was set, and there she was with a knowing, playful, slightly mischievous look on her face. I’ve never been picked up so well, so confidently and so elegantly before. Turns out she was a bartender from a spot a little further away that I’d been to a few times, she found out who I was and came with intention. We dated for several months, liked her more than most. In fact, I’ma go creep her on social media.

I tended bar for a local club of sorts for a couple of years on weekends. There was one guy who was trying to hook up with one particular girl, I knew them both, which he did over the course of several weeks. Everytime she’d come up to the bar, he’d be somewhere near, or in another spot at the bar and he’d just smile whenever he caught her eye like he knew her.
Eventually, she went up and talked to him to try and figure out where he knew her from. He didn’t, it was just the slowest, most deliberate game of “don’t I know you from somewhere?” I’ve ever seen.
The weren’t together for long but still.

Not a bartender but watched a buddy pull this off.
So there is this beautiful chick, and this dude is trying to talk to her and clearly she is not into it. So my buddy buys two beers and walks right up to her and sits down and says “Hey babe, I got you a beer.” I saw the words come out of his mouth from across the noisy bar…and there was a split second moment of suspense. She immediately grabbed him by the arm and replied “thanks babe”. I was utterly shocked that it worked.
First dude promptly bailed and like 20 minutes later my buddy was making out with that chick haha. There you have it folks! Confidence!

I was in a very strange bar, it was my going away present from my coworkers. One of my older coworkers, like 40-50ish, sees this lady enter with a dog (the bar allowed dogs, it was freezing cold and dogs were everywhere) He changes the conversation to ‘what kind of dog do you think that is’. I think the group settled on cocker spaniel mix. He gets up, asks the lady if her dog is a cocker spaniel, asks if it likes treats (what dog doesn’t). He had saved dog treats in his coat pocket for some reason, the dog is stoked. He’s going on about how he used to have one (pretty sure he didn’t) and for the rest of the night they were hitting it off. I was the only person in our group that noticed his insane success. Miss that crowd of people, not the job tho

Not a bartender, but had a buddy who had an amazing ability to look at any situation, read all the players involved, and own it to say just the right combination of funny and confident. Every night we ever went out he either took a girl home or got a number to take her home later.
We went from his apartment to the bar in lobby area. 2 girls walk by us and eye contact us. He says follow me, walks up next to them and loudly says to me, ‘buddy, this sucks. Let’s go upstairs for a drink there.’ One of the girls looks over and goes, oh? What upstairs? My friend goes ‘our place, wanna come?’ up we go. 2 min in and out.
Was told this second hand. He sometimes liked shock value from saying stupid shit. Line of the night was ‘hey, you into 5 guys at the same time?’ girl would go ew no, he would go good, cause there only 4 of us. She laughs, ice broken. Well this one time girl actually goes yes, I love it. Buddy thinking quickly goes ‘great, let me grab another guy and let’s get out of here.’ Off they go and run train on this girl. Stunning red head too.
Did me a favor once. Got a text in a club from him saying get your ass upstairs to me. I walk up and he is talking to 2 rather hot girls. I get beside them, one girl looks at me, looks at my friend, says you’re right, he is hot, and then grabs me and starts making out with me. No idea what he said to her, but it was a good night.

Not a bartender but the smoothest move I’ve ever witnessed was a guy we were out with walked up to this stunning girl in a nightclub (the sort that even the most trying of guys didn’t bother with because she had “high-maintenance and WAY out of your league” stamped all over her) and went: “Not looking for a relationship, just casual sex, fancy coming back with me tonight?”. He was confident, and cocky, but certainly not the best looking lad in the world. She looked him up and down, chuckled, and went “alright”. That was the last we saw of him that evening. Group of about twenty guys left speechless after it happened.

My buddy has a stupid good voice, plays in a Hawaiian Reggae band. In the town we live in EVERYONE knows who he is. He’s a good guy with a ton of personality. One night he finished a set and a girl walked up and said “jeff, how come you never sing me a song?” She asked this because he had dedicated a song to a friend that night. Anyway, his response was to sing her “kiss the girl” from the little mermaid. She melted. After the chorus he leaned in and kissed her…it belonged in Barney Stinson’s Playbook. To this day I am amazed it worked.

My ex is one of the most prolific bartenders in our city; everyone, everyone knows her and she never dates across the bar. Two July 4ths ago I asked her:
“Are you taking boyfriend applications?”
It worked

I was not a tender at the time but have been for over 15 years. A friend and I were having a beer or 7 while waiting for our pool league to start. The BT was really cute (personality cute) with a fantastic smile. We were all a bit smitten. The bar was slow and she was leaned over talking to us and I could tell he was on fire. He asked for another beer and as she reached for it, he blew a smoke ring that seemed to slowly grow in size. Her back was to him when he released this majestic ring. As she turned around, the motion of her body caused it to slow down( I swear time almost stopped here) and as she set the beer in front of him the ring just hovered ever so gently over the bottle then slid slowly over the bottle, down stem growing just enough over the shaft and hit the bar. Gently dissipating. When she looked up he was staring into her eyes. She said softly, “That’s the sexiest thing I have ever seen”. This smooth mother says “you should see what else I can do” A slight pause and he grinned, winked and slapped a 5 on the bar. We walked away to meet some friends who had just walked in. He leans into to me and says “No way in hell I could pull that off on purpose” I just lost it and we shared a laugh. Next thing we knew, they were together. Time passes by and friends grow apart. Last I knew they were still together. 20 years later and I still remember that as the smoothest thing I have ever seen and I am a grown ass man. Sorry for the long story. The question just reminded me of a great memory so I had to share. Thanks 🙂

Obligatory not a bartender here. Irish guy walks in and orders a few shots. The ladies go crazy for his accent and he starts telling them about Ireland, his favorite Irish bands, and things hee likes about the States. A few drinks in and he started sounding a little less Irish. After he was completely shit faced his Irish accent was a full blown southern drawl. The girls were so ducked up they didn’t even notice. Saw the guy at the same place a while back and he was an Aussie. Idk who that smooth motherfucker was but he reminded me of Robert California.

I was a bartender for a very short time.
The best/hottest move was watching my girlfriend seduce a woman at the bar while pretending not to know me. I watched them flirt and touch and eventually leave to go play at “the boyfriends” app while waiting for him to get home from work.
It was a very painful few hours that were not helped by the photos my ex was sending and notes like “better hurry, not sure how many more orgasms i can have.”

I was DJing at a bar and a girl who was eye balling me all night asked me what I’m doing after, I said leaving with you. So we left together and did inappropriate things. It was a good night.

Last, but not least:

I myself am a bartender in a college bar at a school often ranked number one party school. Word of advice, seeing as many of you seem to be seeking it. If the bar is busy, and you think the bartender is cute, that is NOT the time to talk to her. She will be simply annoyed and any chance you may have had is now down the drain.
Personally, my favorite customers (and the only customer I’ve ever given my number to) are the ones who come in on weekdays and actually get to know me, not annoy me with their drunk antics.
Overall, don’t be afraid to hit on the bartender, there are often guys that I am checking out just as hard as they are me.

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