This World War 2 Veteran’s Story From The Pacific Will Make You Want To Open-Mouth Kiss A Bald Eagle

Phil Hollywood was a sailor aboard the USS Melvin destroyer during World War 2, and Phil’s ship was part of the lead attack during the Battle of Surigao Straight. The Battle of Surigao Straight is said to have marked the beginning of the end for the Japanese Navy in World War 2 as Phil and the USS Melvin unleashed a barrage of torpedoes that sunk the Japanese battleship Fuso as it tried to run the 47-mile Surigao Strait in pursuit of the Allied troops who had landed at Leyte Gulf.

It deeply saddens me to say this but 90-year-old World War 2 veteran Phil Hollywood passed away last week, just days before this video telling his heroic story could be shared with the world. Phil was one of the last of his generation, and you, me, and everyone else can learn a great deal about the world (and respect) from Phil Hollywood’s story of being aboard the USS Melvin destroyer during the Battle of Surigao Straight:

I don’t know about you bros, but in my opinion the AARP is actually putting out some of the best ‘story telling’ content on the Internet these days…Like, they’re second to none at this point. The last time I posted it was about a retired doctor who came out of retirement to do two tours in Afghanistan and now teaches future field medics. The AARP YouTube channel just isn’t getting the credit that they deserve, imho.

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