Retired Army Colonel Returns To Duty For Two Tours In Afghanistan As A Battlefield Surgeon, Is A Complete Badass

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After a twenty year hiatus from the U.S. Army, Col. Frederick Lough returned to service for two tours in Afghanistan as a battlefield surgeon. During his time in the field he performed hundreds of surgeries on injured soldiers, undoubtedly saving countless lives along the way. At 58-years-old Col. Frederick Lough was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his second tour in Afghanistan. Now after a lifetime of service in the U.S. Army AND as a practicing surgeon he’s turned his focus to teaching the next generation of battlefield medics at. the Uniformed Services University at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Colonel Frederick Lough’s story is an extremely powerful one, and a story I believe everyone should hear. After 20 years of private practice he voluntarily returned to duty to save the lives of American soldiers fighting overseas. After that he’s continued to serve his country by imparting his wisdom on the next generation.



It’s people like Col. Frederick Lough of the U.S. Army that make the United States the greatest country in history. His story is inspiring, and for that reason he was the focus of an AARP mini-documentary that shows life doesn’t end at the time of ‘retirement’.

For some people retirement appears to be a bleak future, but people like Col. Frederick Lough can give those people hope that life doesn’t end at the point of retirement. That’s why after watching this video I implore you bros to share Colonel Lough’s inspiring story with your dad, your mom, whoever. Anyone in your life that’s getting near retirement age can find some inspiration in this, and you’ll be doing them a solid by sharing it with them.

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