45 Men Talk About The Phrase ‘Be A Man’ And What It Means To Them: All The Feels

Watch as men aged 5 through 50 years old all respond to one simple phrase: ‘be a man’. Someone of each age hears the prompt and gives their immediate feedback on what that phrase means to them. So you’ve got everyone from age 5 on up to age 50 each talking about what ‘be a man’ means to them, and I’m not gonna lie bros, some of the responses hit me right in the feels. One thing I’d really like to know is if this is the only question these men were asked, and if it wasn’t, what question preceded the prompt of ‘be a man’. It seems like some of those guys came in REALLY HOT on the topic, which makes me think they might’ve been asked questions beforehand that were different from the questions asked of others immediately before the ‘be a man’ prompt. But of course I have no way of finding out this information…

If this video looks familiar to you it’s because in the past we’ve shared several ‘react to’ videos (from Cut Video) where men or women all react to a certain phrase, and the video goes in ascending order of age. Cut Video is also the video team that brought us the infamous ‘Grandmas Smoke Weed For Their Very First Time And Play Cards Against Humanity‘ video, which was in my opinion the greatest YouTube video of 2014. This video’s a little heavier though, because in this one you get to witness the two opposite ends of the spectrum: what a young boy thinks the phrase ‘be a man’ means versus the meaning perceived from a 50-year-old, who has 10 times the life experience. Quite interesting to watch the rollercoaster of responses from people throughout life, as there often seems to be appear both an affinity for the phrase ‘be a man’ and an extreme distaste for it as a generalization, and those two ends of the spectrum seem somewhat cyclical.

I have to admit that the response from the man aged 18 resonates with me the most: ‘take responsibility’. If you extrapolate ‘take responsibility’ to all things in life that’s a pretty good mantra of being a man. Take responsibility for yourself, your health, your livelihood, your family, your public persona, your work, anything and everything you can think of…you take responsibility for that….Which makes sense, because the 30-year-old man had the exact same response, and wouldn’t ya know it, my age is very similar to that bro.