Man Goes Around Ireland Tickling Beards, Reactions Range From The Giggles To Unintelligible Irish Anger

Let’s call it like it is here: this prank video of a man going around Ireland and tickling random stranger’s beards is hilarious because the reactions from Irishmen encompass nearly every Irish stereotype in the books. We’ve got the happy-go-lucky guys who just giggle it off, red-haired and haven’t had a bad day in their lives, and we’ve got the dudes who are so goddamn serious that one wrong look can set them off. There’s even a really confused American in the mix (or Canadian, can’t really tell from his accent). I’m somewhat shocked that the beard tickler didn’t incur more wrath from the angry Irishmen, in fact I’d love to see what the dude behind the camera looks like so I could have a clearer idea of what a man needs to look like in order to disarm angry Irishmen.

Another beautiful think about this Irish beard tickling prank is that you could take this same prank premise, set it in just about any city in the world, and it’ll be equally as hilarious. Sure there are some cities where you’ll be more likely to get shot or attacked for tickling random strangers (I’m looking at you, Cairo), but there are plenty of cities where this prank becomes all sorts of hilarious. Actually, I’m somewhat astonished there hasn’t already been beard tickling prank videos filmed in Brooklyn, Austin, and Portland. Those all seem like prime beard tickling prank cities. So if any of you bros live in those cities, and have a camera, maybe you should get on that. Only if you get knocked out for tickling stranger’s beards then don’t come running to me for help, because I cannot officially endorse your prank video or your new career as a beard tickler.

As for why this bro thought to shoot the entire video vertically, I can only assume he filmed this with Snapchat in mind. Because we all learned last week that Snapchat is actively encouraging people to ditch shooting video in landscape, and start filming vertically for the sake of Snapchat.