Bears Broke Into A Car And, Yeah, This Would Be An Awful Way To Start The Day


Kathy Gafford

Bears have been in the news a lot lately for doing some crazy shit, man.

While these beasts aren’t expected to be like you or I, they’ve shown that their minds sometimes think like humans’, as they’ve been spotted swimming in backyard pools and eating bags of dog food as if it were left there just for them.

It looks like bears are even committing crimes now, too.

According to a report from WATE 6 in Gatlinburg, Tn., a woman named Kathy Gafford awoke to the fury dudes inside of her fucking car, with the mother sitting behind the wheel and a baby riding shotgun.

Leaving her windows down overnight, the two bears made their way into the car, going through Gafford’s purse, eating her snacks and trying to enjoy a damn joyride.

Waking up with bad breath and morning wood sucks major ass, but imagine walking out to your car and finding two behemoth animals expecting to carpool to work with you. Yeah, terrifying.

[H/T WATE 6]