Little Kid Has A Meltdown When She Finds 6 Bears In The Family Pool Ripping Up Her Float Toys

by 5 years ago

Kicking it off strong with “THERE’S BEARS IN THE POOL”, this is the most suburban video in the history of the suburbs. This videos’ only at 5,000+ views right now but I’m guessing by the time we reconvene on Monday it’ll be up over 2 million views on YouTube. Filmed in Rockaway, New Jersey you’ve got the dad (justifiably) whining about how the bears are going to be poking holes in the bottom of his above ground plastic pool, and you’ve got the young daughter having a complete meltdown because the bears are wrecking her pool floaties. Not a single one of these people is awed by the fact that there’s SIX BEARS SWIMMING IN THEIR POOL, something that most people pay $40 to see at the zoo.

“There’s Bears In The Pool!

Meanwhile, I’ve been in search of seeing bears in the wild for like decades now, and the only one I’ve seen in the past 10 years was a juvenile black bear sprinting across the highway in upstate New York, and it happened so fast I wasn’t even able to process the fact that I’d just seen a bear. How many times in your life do you actually see a bear? And how many of those times does it turn out to be a mama bear with 5 cubs? Couldn’t you just stop for a second and appreciate the fact that there are six bears chilling in your pool, and not worry about the cheap pool toys getting wrecked?

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