Brewery Delivering Beer Via Bald Eagle Is The Most American Thing Ever — Too Bad It’s Not Happening In America

This beer promotion sounds like a throwaway line from a Will Ferrell movie — “I’m so fucking American my beer is delivered by a bald eagle!” — but it’s actually a thing that might happen.


A ‘featherbrained’ Vancouver Island beer promotion strategy is going ahead after an initial ‘no’ from the Ministry of Forests.

Phillips Brewery announced a competition that would see the winner get a beer delivered to them — via bald eagle. The Raptors Centre in Duncan, the home of the beer-delivering eagle, spoke to the Ministry, and it looks like contest is back on.

The contest originally wanted an eagle named Hercules to fly to the winner and drop down a beer in Downtown Vancouver. Organizers realized letting a bald eagle loose around civilians probably isn’t the best idea.

“It has to be a pretty controlled situation to make sure everyone is comfortable,” Radcliffe said, suggesting the stunt may happen at the sanctuary for the safety of Hercules and any humans present.

“[Hercules] is flying free, so he’s doing these things if he chooses to, and if he does not, he can go and fly off into a tree or fly away.”

Maybe he should fly up to a tree, with the beer, and just say “screw you all.”

[via CBC]