This Beer-Tracking App Wants To Make Any Guy’s Next Night Out On The Town Easy As Possible

The popular beer-cyclopedia/social media-friendly (can check-in/track where your buddies are drinking) iOS app, Untappd just tapped a new, victorious keg of creativity, poured, and served a tall, cold frosty tankard’s worth of badass updates. The Untappd app now contains a function that allows its user to point, shoot, and scan any barcode on any beer bottle to determine whether that five, 10, or god help you 20-spot’s better spent on a reliably watered-down case of Stones. I mean, it’s not like a revolutionary update, but still time’s precious when the boys are trying to get together and die up (Snappa/Beer Die), or play some pong, or just drink in peace.

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The big, bright, and shining claim to Untappd’s updated fame is hands down the apps new built-in Uber-hailing feature. All you gotta’ do is pick your favorite club or local dirtyass dark-lit watering hole that you love anyways, and the app then automatically sends your destination info to the next available Uber driver. Untappd’s doing a hell of a job with these updates, and encouraging some safe, time-efficient boozy escapades.