Ben Carson Forgot How To Walk And Caused The GOP Debate To Be A Complete And Utter Cluster F

The opening of Saturday night’s GOP Debate got off to an amazing start. ABC News’ David Muir introduced the candidates to begin the Republican Debate in New Hampshire, and that’s when retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson forgot how to walk. His name was announced and he stood there like a deer in headlights. The low energy Republican candidate caused a logjam that soon won’t be forgotten.

Ted Cruz was then called, and Carson stopped dead in his tracks and stood in the entrance as fellow candidates walked by. Donald Trump graciously allowed Carson to walk on the stage when the real estate mogul’s name was called, but the brain surgeon continued to awkwardly stand in the entranceway. Marco Rubio and a funny faced Jeb Bush skirted around Trump and Carson until they were both asked to come onto the stage for a second time. Meanwhile, poor John Kasich was still in the back awaiting to be called.

For Christ’s sake neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, this isn’t brain surgery or anything, you just have to walk when they call your name.

I’ve seen kindergarten graduations and 3rd grade Christmas plays that had more order and organization than this cluster fuck.