Bernie Sanders Responds to Larry David’s Impersonation Of Him, Wants Everyone To Know He Owns Lots Of Underwear


YouTube / Saturday Night Live

Last weekend Larry David made a cameo on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to do an impression of Bernie Sanders, the socialist Senator from Vermont who is seeking the Democratic candidate nomination in the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election. If you haven’t seen that video yet it’s at the bottom of this post, and it’s fucking hilarious. The thing that people love(d) most about Larry David’s impersonation of Bernie Sanders is that Larry David does a better version of Bernie than Bernie does of himself. It’s been four days since the skit aired on SNL and Bernie Sanders finally got around to answering questions about Larry David, SNL, and Bernie wants the entire world to know that he owns an ‘ample supply of underwear’:

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Now for those of you that haven’t seen the sketch, here you go. In it you’ve got Larry David playing Bernie Sanders (obviously), and the cast is reenacting the most recent Democratic Debate with Kate McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton and Alec Baldwin playing Jim Webb:

It’s true, Larry David does play a better Bernie Sanders than Bernie plays of himself. And I don’t know why I find it so refreshing to see an old U.S. Senator answer questions about his underwear collection, but I do. That said, nothing, AND I MEAN NOTHING in politics has been as good as the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada having pictures leaked of him posing with some chick wearing nipple pasties (boobs out), because that’s just awesome.