Best Comments Of The Week: Everyone Has An Opinion On Whether Leonardo DiCaprio Should Bang Taylor Swift


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Bros! Welcome! It’s Friday! One of our big goals here at BroBible in 2015 is to get more of you commenting below our posts. Believe it or not, we read what you have to say in the comments section.. So every Friday we’re going to compile a list of our favorite comments of the week.

This week everyone had an opinion on whether it’d be Bro or not Bro for Bro King Leonardo DiCaprio to hook up with Taylor Swift.

Would Banging Taylor Swift Be A Bro Move By Leonardo DiCaprio?  by natron1981:

It would be more of a Bro move to not bang her. If she’s really chasing him as hard as the article claims, and Jack Dawson smiles and says “thanks but no thanks” that would be Bro. Besides, he pulls all sorts of low key, fun in the sun, model ass that he doesn’t need the shenanigans that comes with Taylor Swift. Dating Taylor would mean pictures of them holding hands at the zoo or some shit – that is definitely not Bro.

Would Banging Taylor Swift Be A Bro Move By Leonardo DiCaprio?  by Marco Cerino:

There’s too much Taylor Swift worship in the NYC media. He couldn’t wheel her on the DL without 15 outlets live-tweeting the date. I concur with those who wish him to use her thirst to go after other women, particularly those who are not as famous but much hotter. Now, what if he leveraged that into banging Katy Perry? I think that would be so Bro that it could create eternal harmony in the universe.

Would Banging Taylor Swift Be A Bro Move By Leonardo DiCaprio?  by Nathanfrickenjoel:

Friend-zone that ass.Turn the whole situation right back on her and show her what it truly means to be Leonardo Fucking DiCaprio.Friend-zone her. Tease her with glimpses of hope. But never let her out.

During Her Super Bowl Performance, Katy Perry Wants To Fuck Taylor Swift’s Shit Up by Justin K: 

Bad Blood sucks! New Romantics is one of the best songs off 1989 but it’s only a bonus track. I feel sorry for the casual Taylor Swift listeners that will never hear that sweet cocktail of modern hipster pop and late 80’s dance.

Adult Man Wearing Texas ‘Core Values’ Jersey Proves Adult Men Should Not Wear Jerseys by Snap N. McGarrett:

When I see a dude wearing a player’s jersey with his number and name on it, I tell them how my girlfriend wore my football jersey in high school and that I thought that was cute, too…

My Palms Got Sweaty Watching This INSANE Drone Video Of A Man Changing A Lightbulb On Top Of A 1500-Foot Tower by Billdozer

Imagine getting up there only to find out you brought one of those 60 watt bulbs and not the required 100 watt. Furrrkkkkkkk

3 Reasons It’s Ok To Do Bicep Curls In The Squat Rack by Ghettomilkshake

By all means do your curls in the squat rack, but if I come over and ask to use the rack for squatting (something I can only do in the squat rack for safety reasons) and there are alternatives for you, you should yield to the squatter. Unless you really are curling what I squat, then just rack it at squat height and let me work in.

Proof That All Country Music Sounded The Exact Same In 2014 by mhoff44:

Before reading your article when I had just watched the video I was thinking, “Great heres another hater that will not even listen to an argument.” But since you like country music, here is my argument:

Cole Swindell wrote songs before becoming a solo artist. He has written many songs for Luke Bryan and other artists which is why the two sound so similar. Also they have known each other for a long time so they have been brainstorming together since the were in college. Also, Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell both wrote “This is How We Roll” for Florida Georgia Line which is another reason they all sound alike. Also, “Sure be Cool if You Did” and “Drunk on You” were both written by the same people as well.

That is just my two cents, and I would also like to point out that you could make this argument for numerous genres of music as well.

Unsolicited Advice: Do Not Marry Your High School Sweetheart by danduron:

I agree, 100%. I had a high school sweetheart who I dated into college and even now I look back and regret not dumping her crazy ass after graduation. All the parties and other chicks I missed out on because I wanted to stay with her.
You nailed it; people change as they get older and who you are at 18, 28 and 38 are completely different people.
Also, those .gif’s were perfect.

This Winter, You’re Going To Watch A Lot Of Porn. Let’s Talk About It. by DubJ: 

craigslistpickupguide: Instead of watching porn, why not get laid every day. Craigslist Pickup Guide. Google it and have fun getting laid.

DubJ: Sounds completely safe and legit. Thanks!

‘Where Models Party’ Website Will Tell You Where Hot Models Are Partying Based Off Their Instagram Posts by aint_it_j: 

Sounds awfully familiar to the app from The Newsroom.

Did A Very Popular Cleveland Browns QB Bang The Same Escort After His Suspended Wide Receiver Did? by MitchCumstein: 

jesus christ you could land a damn Cessna on that ass

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