Did A Very Popular Cleveland Browns QB Bang The Same Escort After His Suspended Wide Receiver Did?

In September, the site Crazy Days and Nights posted this blind item:

This hooker to the stars was in a town to meet one currently unemployed NFL player who probably should not be blowing $10K for a weekend. The thing is, after spending two nights with the NFL player she spent one night in town with this A list celebrity who also happens to play football and also shouldn’t be hanging around with this particular hooker.

Today, the site’s editor-in-chief revealed the names in the intriguing bit of gossip on Twitter.


Sloppy seconds.

You may remember that in August it was revealed by “international covergirl” Jenna Shea that she was with suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon with this Tweet with an Instagram photo of them in bed together.


Jenna does offer “companionship” by the hour and here are her rates.

There does not seem to be any facts confirming this gossip, so we’ll just take it as such.

Meanwhile, here’s some random Tweets from Miss Shea.

(The Cleveland Browns played a home game the day before and won)