This Is The Best Rant Ever About Millennials And Entitlement

If you opened up Facebook over the past week or so, there’s a good chance you saw a video of a man in glasses waxing about why millennials are #TheWorst. It went mega-viral over the past couple days, getting millions of shares on Facebook.

The man behind the rant is thinkfluencer Simon Sinek, an author and motivational speaker. The whole video is actually from back in October from an interview with Tom Bilyeu on Inside Quest, but this particular video went rabidly video a couple months later in the Facebook ecosystem.

Sinek’s point is an interesting one — Millennials are addicted to the dopamine rush of instant gratification in almost every facet of their lives: In texting with friends, in swiping dates on Tinder, in ordering whatever they want off Amazon Prime. This instant gratification from technology has caused some weird human dilemmas we haven’t figured out how to deal with yet — with self-esteem, with realistically managing other people’s expectations, with finding meaningful real life relationships.

Give it a watch above. It’s worth the 15 minutes.