These Are The Best/Worst Drivers In America, Ranked By State, And Shockingly Florida’s Amongst The Best

I’ve road tripped/driven through all but 8 states in America. I’ve lived in the South, the Northeast, and in the Southwest. I’ve experienced shitty drivers all across the country, and though my personal rankings are anecdotal I was shocked to see Ohio ranked as the 34th worst driving state in America because I think Ohio drivers are the best around. Conversely, I’ve lived in Florida for the majority of my life and I believe Sunshine State drivers are some of the worst in America (I’d argue they’re worse than Californian drivers), but according to the statistics, I’m wrong.

The fine folks over at QuoteWizard crunched the numbers and ranked each state’s drivers from best to worst. For methodology, they ranked the states based on the #’s of DUI’s, traffic citations, speeding tickets, fatalities, and the total number of accidents. In all, they came away over two million data points, so this was a pretty exhaustive research study.

How’d the results shake out? Somehow, Rhode Island was ranked as the best driving state in America and Utah was ranked as the worst. Coming in second to last was California, and somehow, against all of my preconceived notions, Florida was ranked as the second best state in America for drivers.

These rankings go from worst-to-best, with #1 actually being the worst state in America:

Want to see the top 10? The 10 best states for drivers in America? You’ll have to click here to head on over to to see the rest of the rankings!

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