Is This Video Footage Of A Bigfoot Family Chillin’ With Some Bison In Yellowstone REAL?

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Bros, I’m going to go full National Enquirer on you right now. It’s been a long time since we’ve posted a Bigfoot update here at BroBible. Bros fucking love Bigfoot, or at the very least crushin’ some beef jerky in the woods while bullshittin’ about Sasquatch. Last year one dude claimed he killed Bigfoot, one guy said Sasquatch threw rock at him, and one massive crew of Bros set out on an expedition to hunt The Beast. Those headlines seem ripped from the National Enquirer itself, but hey… People love a good Bigfoot mystery.

Anyway, a random YouTube video uploaded in December from a webcam in Yellowstone is the most compelling evidence that Bigfoot is… maybe real? Maybe?


Watch this webcam from Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone back in December. Note that the sighting happens around the 2:55 mark of the video, when the Bigfoot family of four shows up in the trees and then one walks across a clearing. I always assumed Bigfoot was a loner eating at his own lunch table in the cafeteria, not a social creature who chilled with his Sasquatch brethren:

Noted Bigfoot scholar, ThinkerThunker, made a video dissecting the footage and ranting about why he thinks the video is real.

What do you think, Bros? Real or lay off the drugs?

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