Bill O’Reilly Says The Slaves That Built The White House Were Well-Fed And Decently Housed So It Makes Up For Being Owned

The DNC has been in full-swing since Monday and, honestly, it’s been kind of boring. A couple speeches peppered throughout a convention largely focused on avoiding the whole “Hillary Clinton may have cheated” narrative. That’s really the most interesting part. “How many different ways can people not address the various scandals surrounding Hillary?” Regardless, Monday night saw Michelle Obama take the stage to both endorse Hillary as well as advocate for a more peaceful, equal America in the name of future generations. In said speech, Michelle made reference to the fact that she is a member of a black family currently living in the most famous house in America that was also built by slaves. Well, Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly didn’t take kindly to that claim and decided to do some fact-checking on Michelle’s speech.

What a hot take. “Technically, Michelle, you’re right, but slaves were fed very well.” Honestly, slavery is such a loaded gun. White people never win when slavery comes up in conversation. It’s game over. Bill’s got some balls going up against pretty much every non-white American in the country with his claim that essentially says, “There were slaves, but they were treated pretty well, and there were other black guys floating around too, so you really couldn’t tell the difference anyway.” Listen, I’m a white man who was born 150 years after the abolition of slavery, so I’m not going to sit here and act like I can put myself in a slave’s shoes. Sure, I’ve seen 12 Years A Slave and both versions Roots, but that’s about it. However, if I had the choice of being given enough food and a nice place to sleep in exchange for being owned by another human being and forced to do his bidding, I’d probably rather not be owned. The real question here is whether or not Bill would have rather been free or owned and treated fairly. I think he would rather have been free. You can’t tell white people your hot takes about slavery if those white people also have you chained to their front steps.