Billionaire Instagram Playboy Tony Toutouni Is Getting Married, So I Guess There’s Hope For Everyone

If you thought Dan Bilzarian is wealthy, think again. Actually, Dan Bilzerian is really wealthy, just not as wealthy as Tony Toutouni. Tony is living in the Three Comma Club. Heck, now that he’s settling down with a nice lady, maybe he’ll run a confusingly successful presidential campaign next. COULD HAPPEN!

If you follow Toutouni on Instagram, you might have noticed that the billionaire playboy hasn’t posted anything to his account in five weeks. The reason for that might be that he’s now engaged to the attractive blonde in the video and she doesn’t want to be associated with the bare asses of other women smothering Tony’s face. Good for her. Bad for you. Provided that you get enjoyment from watching shit like that on Instagram.

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