Drunk European Turkey Attacks Child While Family Sits Back And Pisses Themselves With Laughter

by 5 years ago

The bird you see above is a Western Capercaillie, the largest member of the grouse family, and according to Wikipedia it is world renowned for its mating display. From the footage above I can only assume that this drunk euro-turkey was trying to mate with this Norwegian skier who unfortunately fell down right in front of the Heather Cock (another name for the bird). And after falling the Norwegian kid found himself in the Heather Cock’s mating crosshairs But instead of doing anything to stop the mating from happening, the kid’s entire family did exactly what I would do: sit back, film it, and laugh your ass off.

As it turns out the video’s actually from last December (possibly earlier, but the oldest instance I’ve found is last December), but it picked up a ton of steam on Reddit yesterday when someone shared this GIF titled ‘u wot m8’:

And not to be forgotten alongside that GIF is this one:

I think what’s getting lost in all these glorious GIFs if the fact that animals are jerks (sometimes). When we add funny captions or take video of a kid getting #wrekt while his family laughs at him, we focus on how hilarious it is and tend to overlook how animals are assholes, and should be treated as such. That said, even if animals are assholes they don’t deserve to always be treated as such, like when the FSU frat boy bit the head off a live hamster during spring break!

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