Guy Thinks He’s Getting Birthday BJ, But Girlfriend Pulls Hilariously Evil Prank Instead

When it’s your birthday you expect everyone to be extra nice to you, especially the people that supposedly love you. This guy believes that his caring girlfriend is going to give him a special bday blowie, but the situation doesn’t go down like that.

The birthday boy comes out of the shower and his girlfriend blindfolds for what he believes to be some Fifty Shades of Grey kink. She seductively takes off his towel to get him ready for his birthday beej. She sits him down with his eager cumstick ready to receive some lovin’. That’s when things go South, in a bad way.

As soon as he sits down his girlfriend begins to laugh, which is a normal response in the girls that I’m with when I take my pants off. However it’s not his dick that she’s giggling at, it’s that he fell for her devious prank. She glued waxing pads to the chair and the adhesive then stuck to the guy’s ass.

He yells, “Are you fucking kidding me!”

He makes several attempts to get up from the chair, but it is securely glued to his rump. He screams in excruciating pain, which makes me think that the waxing pads clung to his ball sack.

What a roller coaster of emotions. One second you’ve got a raging hard-on expecting to blow a birthday load and the next second you’re naked and glued to a chair while being recorded.

After struggling for awhile, he finally breaks free from the torturous chair. What’s left is anger, broken trust, a tender tooshie and thick patch of hair on the waxing pads.

Here’s the extra footage, and thankfully the girl seems to still be alive.