Bison Takes Aim At An SUV In Yellowstone, Straight Wrecks It

Anytime you think that man has finally asserted complete and utter dominance over nature, nature comes back to remind you it can fuck you up whenever it wants.

Case in point, this video. Tom Carter and his wife were out in Yellowstone, enjoying a vacation, when they saw a herd of bison. They parked to admire the majestic creatures. But, like a Bro hopped up on Red Bull and vodka at the club, this bison didn’t approve of the way these fuckers looked at him.

So, he charged. Started some shit. With a 30-yard running head start. Straight into the Carter’s car.

Now, you’d think the metal of a vehicle would win out over the flesh and bone of a bison, but nah. This bison would take a run at a boulder if he felt aggrieved enough. He’s used to it.

He owned this Nissan Xterra, causing $2,700 in damage.

Just a friendly reminder. Don’t step to nature.

[Via The Washington Post]