Hunter Alone In The Woods Gets Attacked By Fully Grown Black Bear And Records It All

by 11 months ago

I grew up fishing instead of hunting, and the tactics behind bow hunting aren’t something I’m overly familiar with. I’ve always assumed that most hunters used the buddy system whenever there’s a chance of coming in contact with apex predators.

You wouldn’t want to find yourself alone in the woods with nothing other than a bow and arrow to protect yourself, would you? Maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps there’s something therapeutic about hunting alone. I’ll let you hunters reading this drop some knowledge on me in the comments down below.

The hunter in this clip who captured himself being attacked by a fully grown black bear is one lucky individual. Attacks by black bears are not common. They aren’t confrontational bears and scuffles with humans typically only take place when there are bear cubs around or food is on the line. Unprovoked black bear attacks on humans are something you almost never see in the news.

I wouldn’t call this an ‘unprovoked attack’ because that hunter basically waited until the bear was 10 feet from him before announcing himself. If he’d have spooked the bear when it was 50 feet off there likely would’ve been no ensuing scuffle. Alas, he spooked the bear and got knocked to the ground for it. Thankfully for him, black bears are gentle giants and one charge was all that bear had in him. The hunter made it out of there with nothing more than a bruised elbow and ego.

[h/t DIGG Video]

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