Turkey Hunter *Probably* Poops His Pants After Bobcat Attacks Him In The Woods

As far as hunting goes, turkey hunting is amongst the least dangerous. It pales in comparison to the danger of hunting a Kodiak bear if such a thing is even legal. Compared to the danger of hunting a leopard in the bush it’s about as safe as checking the mailbox.

However, when you throw an eager bobcat into the mix turkey hunting becomes a considerably more dangerous task. Case in point, this clip which is going viral again today after it was shared on Facebook last week and picked up over 6 million views. A little searching around on Ye Old YouTubes and you’ll find that this was actually filmed last hunting season and the video’s over a year old. But the Internet likes what it likes, and at this moment the video du jour is this bobcat attacking a man.

(via WideopenSpaces)

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