Boob Prank Makes Girls Go From Disgusted To Hysterically Laughing In .8 Seconds

There’s hundreds of different synonyms for breasts. Just to name a few slang words off the top of my head, you have boobs, boobies, bosoms, knockers, hooters, titties, tits, teats, tatas, cha-chas, bazoombas, chumbawumbas, rack, naughty pillows, pleasure orbs, grabbing globes, cans, chesticles, breasticles, mammaries, melons, cantaloupes, coconuts, sweater puppies, sweater meat, the twins, twin peaks, ear muffs, funbags, airbags, headlights, hood ornaments, milk wagons, speed bumps, torpedoes, pompoms and tig ole bitties.

So the possibilities for double entendre humor are endless. The good folks over at Whatever realized this and went to the streets to pull a prank on some unsuspecting ladies.

They are armed with water jugs, chicken breasts, a rack, ceramic owls, cups with the letter “C” written on them and the guy announces how lovely those items are in front of girls walking by. In an instant, their faces go from bitter disgust assuming the guy is talking about their sweater meat to knee-slapping laughter when they realize he’s talking about the guy behind them holding raw chicken breasts. It’s all fun and tit jokes until someone gets salmonella poisoning.