Does This Spiteful Ex-Boyfriend Deserve A Refund For Everything He Bought His Ex During Their Relationship?

Florida natives, Ninfa Zerilli and Blake Minto  recently ended their relationship. And instead of doing the traditional “put all the others’ shit in a box and drop it off at their doorstep and then go home and sob over a Dashboard Confessional CD” (Oh, just me?), Blake decided to go the spiteful route.

Ninfa received a letter in the mail from her ex-boyfriend demanding the $2,100 he spent on her during their year-long relationship, signed by local attorney Paul Hoffman. She uploaded the letter to Twitter so thank the Internet Gods.

Does Blake have a case here? Is it really legally sound to sue your ex for all the shit you bought over the years? I sure as fuck hope not. I’d be in the hole thousands. Thanks, girls!

In order to get to the bottom of this, the Daily Dot contacted Paul Hoffman, an attorney Hoffman Law Offices in Fort Lauderdale who specializes in cruise ship injury lawsuits, who is allegedly representing Mr. Minto.

“I don’t represent this guy. This poor girl’s mother called me. ‘How can you do this?’ I had no idea what she was talking about.”

Blake, you snake, you. Minto’s vindictive, albeit clever act is technically illegal, as online impersonation is a no-no in some states. But Hoffman is enjoying the free publicity, and now I definitely know who to call if I get hurt on a cruise ship.

Nevermind, I already got a guy.



Ninfa Zerilli contacted the Daily Dot via email after the story broke, indicating that Blake is not only a cheap bastard, but potentially a dangerous cheap bastard.

“We were together for a year. Not only did he make up the supposed letter from the lawyer, he sent me threatening text messages threatening my family, my home, and myself. He proceeded to show up to my house on April 22 when the incident first took place. I called the police immediately.”

Do less, Blake. No even less than that. Ya, don’t do anything. Sit in the corner and count the monopoly money you won from your lawsuit.

[H/T Daily Dot]

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