This Mom Has A Brain Disorder That Makes Her To Strip In Public But That’s Better Than The Other Side Effect

Woman taking off clothes

Conditions like this are no laughing matter and I’m stating that because you’re already laughing. Don’t laugh, it sucks.

Leanne Lyon, 41, of New Duston, has a small non-cancerous tumour lodged in her brain which triggers up to five seizures a day, and says it is ruining her life.

The mum-of-two blacks out during the fits, each of which can last up to half an hour, and causes her to have an ’embarrassing’ side effect – they cause her to take her clothes off in public.

She says she has found herself stripped to her underwear in the Wilkinsons store Bounds Taxis office in Northampton town centre.

Obviously the condition is ruining her life because public nudity and acting like you’re out of your mind isn’t acceptable in modern society. The condition is now so bad, her marriage is over and she lost her job because she “scared her boss.”

Her problems started when she was very young, and she even had surgery to remove part of her brain and rid her of the tumor. Doctors knew it was a tumor, they just weren’t sure what type. The procedure, a left temporal lobectomy, actually made the condition worse. Instead of being struck occasionally by a case of the strips, it started happening up to 5 times a day.

At the age of 29, medics discovered what was wrong with her – they diagnosed her with hypothalamic hamartoma. This is the name of a small, non-cancerous brain tumour which causes seizures, blackouts and memory loss. It is thought to affect only one individual in every 200,000 people.

Mrs Lyon said: “This condition is ruining my life, it is terrifying living like this.

Now in this situation it’s not cool to make jokes but I want to at least look on the bright side of things. On some occasions, though not always, her fits “leave her incontinent” meaning she pees herself too. Bright side — she’s already naked and her clothes don’t get wet.

She is now making a desperate appeal for help to raise the money to help her beat this tumour which she says has taken over her life. The procedure costs over $95,000.

Now that’s a GoFundMe I’d contribute to.

[via Northhampton]