Girl Breaks Into UFC Fighter’s House, Shits All Over His Bathroom Then Passes Out, Fighter Documents It On Snapchat

UFC fighter Urijah Faber had a rather shitty (HAHAHA OMG LOOK PUNS I AM SO FUNNY TEE HEE HEE) night when some random chick with an explosive colon decided it was high-time that Urijah legitimately broke in that fancy toilet he’d been using in his house for…well, however long he’d had it. Toilet obviously didn’t need breaking in but it’s not like “logic” or “public humiliation” or “personal boundaries” were gonna stop the unidentified shit bandit.

Luckily for us, rather than get stuck reading about this in the news Urijah took it upon himself to document the entire ordeal via Snapchat. Hooray for looking at pictures and emojis rather than reading words and…more words.

[H/T Dude Comedy]