FREE AT LAST: Judge Orders The Release Of Brendan Dassey From Prison, Five Months Before WrestleMania 33

Making Murderer season 2 premiere date


The federal judge who overturned the murder conviction of Making a Murderer‘s Brendan Dassey has ordered the now 27-year-old to be released from prison, under supervision.

In August, a judge ruled that police tricked him into confessing to first-degree intentional homicide, mutilation of a corpse, and second-degree sexual assault of photographer Teresa Halbach, coercing the then 16-year-old with a borderline intellectual disability into thinking  the could go home after confessing. The judge ruled that Dassey’s constitutional rights were violated based on the coaxing of the confession.

According to Daily Mail, the judge ordered specific terms for terms for Dassey’s release.

The federal judge has ordered Dassey not to have contact with Halbach’s family or with his uncle Steven Avery who was also convicted of the murder.

He must also provide the address of his intended residence to the court, no later than noon on Tuesday, and will be barred from obtaining firearms or controlled substances.

At 27, Dassey has spent a third of his life at the maximum-security Green Bay Correctional Facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is approximately 40 miles away from his home town of Manitowoc.

As for the fate of Stephen Avery, we’ll have to wait for season 2 of Making a Murderer to find out. Welcome to 2016.

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