Bro Catches His Girlfriend Cheating On Him With Her Ex, Has A Ridiculous Meltdown On Camera

by 2 years ago

Did you ever watch that syndicated hidden camera reality television Cheaters back in the day? The production quality was awful and it was clearly staged, but damn… That show was grimy.

The YouTube channel “To Catch a Cheater” is pretty much the same thing as that syndicated late night TV show, complete to the over-dramatic music. An episode a couple weeks ago went viral for the over-the-top melodrama when a dude “catches” his girl cheating on him with an ex. The highlight, easily, is when the host of the “show” starts laughing in the face of his cuckold friend:


I see that snicker, dude. You’re loving this Oscar-worthy performance.

Anyway, enjoy the (contrived, completely over-the-top) human misery.


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