Bro Chills With A Bunch Of Deer, May Also Be Attempting To Jump Start A Deer Gang

#DeerFam. Listen, there are all kinds of street gangs out there. I watch Gangland, I know these things. At this point, gangs are almost old hat. “Oh sick, another group of similarly dressed street kids taking orders from an hardened older kid that are running around stealing shit and causing trouble. How original.” It’s just the same thing in a new package. So I can 100% get behind what this kid, whose name is Kelvin, is doing. Guy’s trying to mix it up. Fuck, I definitely wouldn’t be happy if 20 deer bust down my front door and flooded my house. Deer can get volatile. Especially if you’re wearing different colors.

To add fuel to the flames about Kelvin creating his own #DeerSquad, his Twitter feed is pretty much the Ground Zero of deer recruitment videos.