Bro Pulls Off Genius Plan To Get His iPhone Back From His Ex-Girlfriend After A Crappy Breakup

Pro tip: if you’re going to break up with someone, try to take all your shit from their place so you don’t have to do that awkward “Hi….I’m here to get my stuff” visit the next day while she glares at you from the kitchen. If you DON’T know, on the other hand, well you’re just fucked. Sorry! Maybe don’t swap belongings until you know you’re gonna throw a ring on that finger? That’s probably harder than it sounds though, so in the meantime take a lesson from the unnamed Bro in this story.

You see, Bro and his girlfriend “Melisa” broke up, and unfortunately for Melisa, Bro wanted the iPhone he gave her back. Melisa did not want to give it back. 

Bro got it back anyway:


Bro then used the Find My iPhone app to register Melisa’s phone as lost as well as trace and erase all of its contents. Short, sweet and to the point: go fuck yourself I want my phone back.

[Via Imgur]