Bro Politely Puts Mugger In Recovery Position After Knocking Him Out And Taking A Selfie With His Unconscious Form

Sometimes, the best justice is served in the streets. You can’t always be looking for the police to be there when you need them. The streets outnumber the law. I heard that in an ’80s action film once. Honestly, if everyone was able to take care of themselves as handily as this guy was, we would only need police for major issues like terrorism or things we didn’t want to deal with ourselves like parking enforcement.

Via LadBible:

“Nathan Wood, 27, was outside a nightclub in Stellenbosch, South Africa, when two men followed him and a friend into an alleyway, with one of them wielding a knife.

“The main culprit tried to convince me it was in my best interest by brandishing a fairly large dagger and holding it to my throat,” Nathan said.

But the mugger’s plans didn’t go too smoothly and, with one swing, the would-be criminal was out for the count.

“I then convinced the mugger that it was not in his best interest by knocking him unconscious with a well-timed punch,” the accountant said.

“His friend then dashed off. I dragged him out of the street, snapped a selfie, took off his jacket and put it under his head, placed him in the recovery position and alerted security.”

At least Nathan was still in a good enough mood to worry for the man’s safety after knocking him the fuck out. What a nice guy. He said: “‘If I hadn’t knocked the guy out I believe I would have been either another crime statistic or another South African that ended up in a body-bag.””

I’m totally #TeamNathan on this one. The guy’s fight or flight instinct kicked in and he just wasn’t wearing running shoes. He wasn’t the one that was trying to injure anyone. He just happened to be the one who got a knife put to his throat. Tit for tat. Don’t bring a knife to a haymaker fight if you’re not ready to use it. Really, the mugger should be thankful that Nathan was so gracious to him and put him in the recovery position. Nothing more embarrassing than drowning in your own spit after being knocked out cold while wielding a knife.