This Bro Is Rocking One Of The Weirdest Instagram Accounts We’ve Ever Seen, And We Can’t Help But Love It

Everyone has a ‘thing’ that they’re known for. To most people I’m known as the guy with the perfectly chiseled jawline, amazing sense of humor, and dong so large it would make Ron Jeremy blush. This bro, well, Luke Hackett’s best known for his Instagram account devoted to his truly bizarre habit of posing with his favorite source of Vitamin D at every single party he goes to. Just check it:

Milk. This bro poses with a jug of milk at every single party he goes to, which I guess is what you’re forced to do when you’re 17 and can’t yet risk photographs of you drinking illegally:

I can’t say I’m not impressed, when I was in H.S/College I was best known at parties for bringing a 40oz cup from 7-Eleven to use as my beer mug, but I like this dude’s style because it leads to less obesity and alcoholism. He actually appears to pull some tail with his milk gag too. You gotta respect his hustle of bringing milk everywhere, that sounds like it’d be an extremely laborious task after like 1 party, but this dude found ‘his thing’ and he’s stuck to it.