Bro Secret Service Agent On Michelle Obama’s Detail Gets A Girl’s Number, Gets Suspended For It

It sounds like Michelle Obama hates the player and the game.

Because when a Bro on her security detail picked up a girl while technically protecting her, then started sexting with the lady later on, he got suspended.

Of course, it wasn’t really Michelle’s call. Not protecting the First Lady is one of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to being a member of the Secret Service. From The Washington Post:

Our colleague Carol Leonnig, the authority on all things Secret Serviceconfirmed a National Enquirer report Wednesday that a junior agent met a young woman while on detail at a Michelle Obama-attended event. He approached her and, whilst protecting the first lady, got her phone number.

His meet-cute (if this was a romantic comedy) with the young woman at the May 20 event ended with him later sending her sexual images and suggestive texts. His possible distraction at the event and the subsequent messaging has put the junior agent under the scrutiny of federal investigators.

Though the sexting came well after he was off work (which is impressive, a lot of people sext while at the office), he still could be in trouble for dereliction of duty while at an event Obama spoke at.

The first lady was speaking at an event to honor military caregivers with former Republican senator Elizabeth Dole, a federal official told Leonnig. The agent, who newly joined the Washington Field Office, was posted on the outer perimeter of the event when he spotted the woman, a private events planner.

Hell yea, Bro. Check out my gun. Is what I bet he said. The Secret Service issued this statement regarding the matter.

“The U.S. Secret Service is aware of these allegations. As is our policy with any allegation of misconduct, the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (DHS-OIG) has been notified and this matter will be investigated jointly between the DHS-OIG and the Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility. At this time, the individual has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation.”

More time to sext hell yea.