Bro Sends Vicious Email Trashing His Boss and Boss’s Family, CC’s Errbody

Well… this is one way to tell your boss you hate him. And his family. And the company he manages.

This came in from a tipster of ours. It was sent by an anonymous employee to the CEO of a medium-sized corporation in the Northeast with a fairly prominent client base. Most employees, as well as the CEO’s wife, were cc’ed on the email.

The subject line was “An inconvenient truth”

[I’ve edited the email to remove names, and thus had to change some subject/verb agreements. I also removed one or two other identifying sentences and one line that was just too much for me.]

With the summer of 2014 upon us I thought I would do you a favor and let you know what everyone who has ever met the [family] thinks about you. Firstly, no one wants to work [here]. Certainly not after they have been there for more than 2 weeks. I think the ridiculously high turnover rate would be your first indication. How long before most of the current rejects you just hired quit in disgust with or without a job just to get away from your insane asylum. Believe me when I tell you not one single individual wants to be here. The only reason anyone stays is because they have yet to find a different job. Just look back at all of the people that have left in just the last 2-3 years. It has to be upwards of 50 people. And everyone of them is out in the world telling anyone who will listen what a horrible, horrific place [this] is.

Now the Inconvenient Truth. You are a truly disgusting family. A pack of despicable human beings all of you. Keep in mind that while these comments are mine they are representative of just about anyone who has ever had the slightest interaction with any of you.

Let’s start with the least disgusting of the clan. For the most part we have to give this kid a pass because after all he is half-a-retard. Although his sense that he is somehow above other people is totally unwarranted and a true sign of how dysfunctional he really is. But in his defense his gene pool was so contaminated by his parents that he really didn’t have any chance from the moment of conception.

Now on to that monster. From the moment you meet [her] you get this creepy almost demonic sensation that you are truly around evil. While at certain times she can mask her true self because of her well honed skills at being a liar, ultimately though, what she is all about eventually comes out and rather quickly. Some of the many horrible things she said last summer about her father would actually make your skin crawl. She has already started at it again this year as well. [Boss,] her hate and disgust for you is so deep and intense it is impossible for her to contain it. She despises you with every fiber of her body and is proud to announce it to anyone who will listen. If you weren’t such a horrible person yourself someone might almost feel sorry for you that a daughter could hate her own father that much. And brag to the world about it. A hate this deep usually manifests itself as the result of an incestuous relationship. I know [your wife] wouldn’t try and stop it if it meant the possibility of your attention being focused on someone other than her. She would easily sacrifice her daughter just so she didn’t need to be near you.

Why do you think she dates black men? Not because she finds them attractive. Not by happenstance. With so few in her immediate social circle she has to actively seek these guys out. It’s because she hates you with such a passion she knows this really kills you. Your disgust of blacks is well known and what better way for a daughter to broadcast to the world how much I hate my father? I can’t think of a better way to let you and everyone else know exactly how she feels about you.

And [Boss’s wife] you don’t fair that much better … when it comes to your precious [daughter] discussing her true feelings about you. There is this sick and perverse bond between you two because of your shared hatred of [boss/husband/father]. Although she hates you just as much, she can stomach being with you because she knows you will spend most of your time together discussing how much you both hate [him].

But true to [family] form, [she] is by far the most sick and twisted teen any of us have ever encountered. I’m sure you can recall all the drama she has caused over the past 6+ years. The mean and nasty things she said and did to all the other girls and guys in her school and neighborhood. The other parents refusing to allow their children to associate with such a sociopath. And of course this behavior is a direct reflection on the toxic environment in which she was living. Having to live with two such morally and ethically deficient people as her parents it is almost guaranteed she would become the grotesque creature she is today.

[Wife/mother] as you look back on all the baseball and soccer games you attended over the years it must have been very apparent why you were always sitting alone away from the other team parents. You and your family are disgusting and vile scum. I know you aren’t very intelligent but I’m certain none of this is news or a surprise to you.

Then there is poor [other son]. His only perspective of what being a man and human being comes from watching [his father]. A man so totally hated by so many is what he uses for guidance. How’s that working out for you? Everyone here hates you too but we save most of our disgust for [husband and wife]. I know many of us would enjoy knowing we would never have to see or work with you again. Should you decide not to do the honorable thing and leave us you better pray that [this office] will continue to employ you. Why? Because no other individual or company would ever consider hiring a pathetic, useless little troll like you.

It is hard to believe you found another woman that is as willing to be around an [family member] so she can spend your [family]’s money [as much as the wife]. I know money can be a powerful thing but you and [your dad] should fell lucky that you found two women that have so little self respect and dignity that they will do just about anything for money. And rest assured that without money you nor your father would have anyone to talk to. You are both so disgusting that it’s hard to believe money is that important to anyone. Most of use believe the marriage lasts just long enough so she can cash out. [The wife] would have been gone long ago if she any chance to get enough money.

What can be said about [the wife] that hasn’t been said by so many before. A filthy disgusting whore who was willing to spread her legs to get out of the bindery. A woman with no talents, education or skills other than the ability to pack boxes in the basement for $6.00/hour. In [her husband] you saw the same repulsive and sickening piece of sewage the rest of the world sees but you figured screwing him would be better than spending the rest of your life packing boxes in the bindery. Do you regret your decision? We all know you do. Every night you have to go home to him. But truth be told most of us don’t really blame you for your choice. I am sure you looked in the mirror and recognized how pathetic you were. Can you close your eyes tight enough to make it go away? Knowing that he will be home soon must just make you cringe. You are getting that feeling now just thinking about it aren’t you? I’m not sure if it is pity or disgust people feel for you. Probably equal parts of both. You have no redeeming qualities. The way you shit talk [your husband] when he is not around is just another glaring example of what a rotten human being you are. You find him as repulsive as the rest of the world but you are willing to do anything for money. What a skanky whore you truly are.

[Boss], here is the god’s honest truth. Everyone who knows you hates you. And the people who know you the best hate you the most. Just look around the room at your ridiculous sales meeting today. Everyone there hates you, hates being there and would give just about anything to be any where else but there. No one in that meeting enjoys Sunday afternoons because the thought of what they have to do on Mondays is so awful and depressing that it starts creeping in to their thoughts on Sundays. They lie to you and tell you whatever you want to hear just to get out of there as quickly as possible. These Monday meetings are pure torture. They are the biggest farce and waste of time any of them will experience in their entire careers. Sitting there eating some shitty lunch listening to you babble on hour after hour, week after week, month after month is more than people can take. Is it any wonder people can only last a few months? Everyone knows you are a [joke of a company]. And wasting all that time on Mondays trying to convince anyone otherwise is just ridiculous.

I am truly amazed at how much hate one person can generate by everyone they encounter. While the hate is often times almost immediate there are the rare occasions where it takes a second encounter but the end result is the same. A complete and utter hate and disgust for you, your family and your company.

I hope these words were helpful.

Damn, although this guy double spaced this email, so he is just as much of a monster. But here’s a GIF for the TL;DR crowd.

Here’s what our tipster had to say about the place:

Personally having worked there, I know how miserable the place is and how large of an asshole [the boss] is. It really is a hell hole…. the e-mail speaks only the truth. If I was willing to put the time in to create an alias and write a masterpiece like this I would have the same exact opinions. I don’t know anyone I worked with who wouldn’t share the same opinions. Everyone I ever spoke to during my time there absolutely hated it after the first few weeks of their employment. [The boss] would make racial marks on a regular basis and belittled his employees daily. So narrowing [who sent the email] down to any one individual would be next to impossible.

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