Tinder Bro Agrees To Take Tinder Girl To China If She Takes Him To New Zealand And THEY FOLLOWED THROUGH??

Some men will only do the bare minimum when it comes to getting laid, i.e. showing up at her house, doin’ the deed and then leaving without so much as a promise of buying breakfast in the morning. Some even won’t show up – “Gas is expensive, can you drive to my place? Oh and you can let yourself in, there’s a key under the doormat. I’ll be in the basement, ignore my mom if she’s still up she can be a real bitch sometimes.”

This doesn’t apply for all men of course. Specifically, I’m talking about Reddit user lagger, who agreed to take a girl he met on Tinder to New Zealand if she took him to China, leading into the ultimate long-distance relationship of Tinder Time:

They are not all robots. I was killing time swiping while traveling for work in a city (Chicago) 700 miles from where I live. Just out of curiosity/boredom I messaged a girl about one of her travel photos. Subsequently I told her I would take her to China if she took me to New Zealand. She agreed. We have been flying to see each other each weekend for the past 6 months and landed in Beijing yesterday. We’re booked for New Zealand in February.

She hasn’t tried to murder me yet and still has not revealed any signs of being a bot. I honesty have not been happier.

Now I know what you’re thinking – this guy’s probably bullshitting all of us. Hell, he could’ve even gone so far as to fake the following exchange with his Tinder girl:



But that video upstairs? Nah, no one goes through the hassle of the bitch and a half that is airport security just to fake a video, no one I tell you, NO ONE.

As for how long the two of them talked until finally forking over the airfare:

We spent over 1 month talking before we actually met in person. Like I mentioned, I was there for work and wasn’t even able to meet her when we matched. I probably wouldn’t have even if I was able. Honesty tinder was more of a “hot or not” validation / confidence booster but I never was expecting or wanting to actually meet anyone on there. I’m so happy I did though.

A month? A month before you paid XXX dollars for a plane ticket? Holy hell dude you must believe in that fairytale shit called “true love,” because nothing short of a nuclear apocalypse on my side of the pond would get me to fork over that kind of cash to visit some random person I met on the Internet who may or may not dice me up into little pieces and use my remains as a substitute for bacon bits. Then again, I am an asshole. Maybe that’s why no one loves me.

[H/T Reddit]