The BroBible Book Club: 6 Books You Bros Should Read Right Now

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For those of you who read, you already feel me on this. Go ahead and skip down to the books and get yourself some real top shelf stuff, you savages.

For those of you who don’t read, why did you click on this article? It’s because you aspire to be better, that’s why. You know it, I know it, and science (fuck yeah, science!) has proven that people who read are more successful in life than those who don’t. Odds are if you don’t enjoy reading, it’s simply because you haven’t read the stuff that does it for you. You were probably forced to do it when you were young, had a bad experience, and now have an aversion to it, much like house cleaning or butt play. It’s another medium of entertainment.

Music, books, movies, videogames, television, theatre. These are forms of entertainment that make life better, some more than others. Books arguably second on the list to music in the category of ’good for your soul’; but far-and-away #1 in ’good for your mind’. Get yourself some mental reps and become a well-rounded, well-spoken Don Juan Dela Nooch.

Part 1: Fiction

Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon



I’m coming out the gate with my favorite book ever. Story’s about an 11-year old kid named Cory growing up in Zephyr, Alabama in 1964. It’s sort of “Forest Gump” meets “Stand by me”. It’s about this kid and his little adventures in his small town with his 3 best bros. There’s a murder, dogs, bully’s, a gunfight, skinny dipping blonde girls, racism, the Klan, bikes, family. How relatable a subject is determines how strong you feel attached to it, and the feels in this book are mighty strong. You can get this book for a God Damn PENNY+shipping.


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