Broke Basic Bitches Rejoice! There Is Pumpkin Natty Light … Sort Of



Bitches love pumpkin beer. But so much of it is of the expensive, artisanal, craft variety (outside of Shock Top Gourd or whatever shit that narsty brand is planning on whipping up for the fall).

Yet, all you college gals are out of money. So what’s a woman to do when she wants to keep up with the New York City go-go, seasonal beer-drinking fashionistas? (I have no idea what I’m saying anymore and you should stop reading).

Fake it until you make it, with Natty Light Pumpkin Packaging.

[That appears to also go for Natty Light, who I guess couldn’t afford to brew an actual pumpkin-flavored beer and just bought boxes instead.]

What, dear Lord am I talking about? These Natty-O-Latern cases.

As of right now, it’s only available in Florida. Because if any state loves autumn, it’s that one.

[Via First We Feast; H/T @hamblinj]

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